10 inch Wooden Backs

£17.50 GBP

These hoop backs will revolutionise the way you finish off your embroidery hoop master pieces!

At last I have at last come up with this super easy and professional solution for the perennial problem of how to cover your hoop guts and neatly finish off the backs of your Embroidery Hoop Art. Now you can simply glue my Happy Hoopla wooden hoop backs over the back of your work to create a sturdy and professional finish.

This listing is for either a single of pack of three 10 inch hoop backs.

These wooden discs are made of ply wood and feature a cute 'Made with love' message etched in the centre. Each set of backs comes with a 'how to' tutorial sheet with a step by step guide to how to finish of your hoop!

By covering the backs in this way your work is protected. These unique wooden backs mean your work can be displayed in more versatile ways. your hoop work is protected so they can be propped up on easels or shelving without fear of damage.

With such a beautifully neat back you can now hang your hoops with out the fear of exposing your back sides:-) This is the ultimate finish when creating unique Christmas tree hanging or all year round free hanging master pieces.

Please note these wooden disks are 18.6cm in diameter and are designed to be glued to the inner hoop of a 8 inch embroidery hoop.

You can glue using a general, multi surface craft glue or purchase your backs with a tube of Gutermans fabric glue from the drop-down menu.

Happy Hooping!