Winter Ribbon Collection. Fall craft ribbon.Ribbon with Dogs on. Orange Pom Pom Trim. Fun Cristmas Ribbon. Holiday Ribbon. Dogs in Sweaters

£1.50 GBP

This 'Dogs in Jumpers (sweaters)' ribbon collection could not be any cuter. The bright fun colours make them perfect for crafting and gift wrapping and will delight any dog lovers.

This fun collection of ribbons can be purchased as a collection by selecting the option ‘1 or 2 meters of each design from the drop down box. Alternatively select the individual designs by the meter. With these options you can order exactly what you need, whatever the project.

Choose from:

Mini Pom-pom trim: is an orange trim with cute little pompoms perfect for gif wrapping.

White Grosgrain dog print print: this is a white ribbon with an orange, green and brown design printed on one side.

Lime green gingham

made from:

Mini Pom-pom trim: 10 mm wide.

White Grosgrain bunny print: 16 mm wide.

Green gingham : around 7 mm wide