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Fuchsia Floral, Mood Board

Fuchsia Floral, Mood Board

Pink Betsy Embroidery Mood Board

My Spring Mood board features a colour pallet inspired by the spring, Fuchsia Blooms.
The board includes a Coloured and Tana Lawn printed, patterned embroidery hoop, a pallet of DMC embroidery threads and a complimentary Kona Cotton solid. Basically all of my favourite stitchy things!
Simply enjoy the eye candy or use as a resource for a project and follow the links below to purchase the individual elements featured.
embroidery inspiration mood board
Here are all the individual element that make up my Spring 'Fuchsia Floral' inspirational mood-board. 

Coloured Embroidery Hoops

A statement embroidery hoop is a beautiful and simple way to complete a project. My hoops are covered the iconic Liberty's of London, Tana Lawn Cotton. This inspiration board stars a pretty, pink Betsy print.  They are hand finished to order and are available here. 

pink Betsy hoop

Betsy is an iconic Liberty of London Print made of up tightly - knitted florals, and was crated for Liberty London Fabrics in 1933. It was designed by the enigmatic DS, whose work makes up many of our favourite Tana patterns. Betsy has been on Classic Tana since 1982.

The colour fabric I use to make my hoops is no longer available for purchase but a more vibrant version is available here

Painted Embroidery Hoops

A vibrant Embroidery hoop will make your work Pop. This Fuchsia Pink is a gorgeous rich pink with a cool purple under tone. These  embroidery hoop is a beautiful way to finish your hand embroidery and other textile projects.

My hand finished Fuchsia Pink Embroidery hoops are available in all sizes with here.

DMC Embroidery Threads

DMC thread pallet

DMC Stranded Cotton is made in France and are my favourite Embroidery Threads. They are both strong and have a beautiful sheen. The 6 easily divisible strands allow you to vary the weight of your stitches allowing a great versatility.
The painter in me loves the fact that there are over 500 colours allowing me to paint with threads.
In this inspiration Board I have limited myself to four complimentary colours.
This pallet contains the following colour threads:
3608 - Melon- Light
3607 - Plum
917 -   Plum
915 -   Plum Dark
You can see DMC full range of colours here

Kona Cotton Fabric

Kona Cotton pink
And finally this pretty mood board is completed with a complimentary, Kona Solid colour number 143. This colour is called Petal and is a delicate pink with a slight purple undertone.
Kona cotton is a range of cotton made by Robert Koferman. With over 365 glorious colours in the range there is a colour for every occasion ( or mood-board )   Because there are so many colours to choose from they are perfect for embroidering on and quilt making. 
You can purchase this cotton and the rest of the range from 
I have put this collection with ♥️, I hope you love it as much as I do.
Love Ruth Xx

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