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Free 'Grow, Seedling' Cross Stitch Project

Free 'Grow, Seedling' Cross Stitch Project

free spring cross stitch chart
Full of the joys of spring, I have designed this cute little spring inspired cross-stitch chart. This 'Grow, Seedling' cross stitch  is stitched in four different greens and features a delicate little sprouting seedling.
This is a perfect, relaxing weekend quick stitch.
spring embroidery with art book
Download the DMC colours I have used or choose colours from your stash.
I have framed my work in a 5 inch 'Grass Green' hoops for an extra pop of colour.
Spring cross stitch in grass green hoop

For tips to help you finish your hoop have a look at my How to finish your Embroidery Hoop Back tutorial.

I would love to hear what you think.