Nurge Display Embroidery Hoop, Size 1

£5.20 GBP

10 cm Premium Beech Embroidery Hoop

These 'Nurge' Beech hoops are the Rolls Royce of embroidery hoops and are designed as a way to hang your work. Instead of a screw they are finished with a decorative hanging loop.

What size embroidery hoop should I choose?

Size 1 is Nurge's smallest hoop at 10 cm in diameter or 3.93", slightly smaller than a traditional 4 inch hoop. Hoops sizes are measured across the diameter of the of the outer hoops, inside edge.

These beautiful Nurge Hoops are a slim 8 mm deep making them light weigh and comfortable to use. 

Why buy Nurge hoops?

These hoops are tooled from hard beech wood which is used for its tight grain. Nurge hoops are fine sanded beautiful finish.

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Happy Hooping!