Bees Wax Thread Conditioner and Needle Minder

£4.50 GBP

These are little tins of Bees Wax loveliness with an optional needle minder.

To add to the functionality of this conditioner I have added the option of a magnet turning it in to a handy needle minder. Keep these little tins of bees wax in your sewing basket for waxing your thread. Run your thread through it to strengthen your threads, avoid tangles and make it easier to thread your needle.

What is a thread conditioner?

Wax can be used to apply a protective coat around threads. Lay the thread on the wax surface, hold it in place with your thumb and pull your thread through surface.

Why Use a thread conditioner.

The wax coats the thread fibres helping to prevent threads fraying.

It can make threading embroidery threads easier as it can stabilised and the fibres stopping them to separate. I find this particularly crucial when working with linen threads.

Finally if you like me hate working with metallic threads give this a try. I will fray less and be a little easier to control and thread.