3 inch Wooden Embroidery Hoops

£2.50 GBP

These are a high quality 3 inch wooden embroidery hoop with a brass fixing.

These hoops are a useful addition to any sewing bag and a must have for all you embroiderers and cross stitcher's.

Unscrew the metal fastener to secure your fabric, creating an even tension to make your embroidery and cross stitching easier and neater. Select the hoop appropriate to the size of your project. If you are using it to cross stitch in you can use a smaller hoop and move it around your work.

Alternatively this is a fantastically easy way to create your own 'Hoop-La' wall art by securing your work or decorative fabric of choice within the hoop and hanging with a ribbon. It couldn't be easier or more on trend.

Purchase a single hoop or select a quantity from the drop down box. Select 4 hoops for a 5% discount or 6 hoops for a 10% discount.


Happy Hooping!