Nurge Embroidery Hoop. 19 cm Premium Beech Hoop, size 4

£6.90 GBP

If you are looking for a high quality, working embroidery hoop for hand stitching look no further. These 'Nurge' Beech hoops are the Rolls Royce of embroidery hoops.

Size 4 is 19 cm in diameter ( this is 7.48" so slightly smaller than a traditional 7 inch hoop)
These Hoops are 8 mm deep.

The beech wood of these hoops has a tight grain with a smooth, polished finish. The sturdy, brass, screw fastenings have a flat head screwdriver fitting for those of you that like to work with extra tight tension.

These are truly an heirloom quality, you will be stitching with these hoops for years to come.

Other sizes are available.
Happy Hooping!