Hoop Art, Inspiration Box. Winter Wonderland Edition.

£25.90 GBP

Embroidery hoop art, supply kits with hoop, threads and ribbons.

Each month I will pick out a seasonally inspired collection of loveliness. The collection will bring together all the supplies that we love, inspiring you to get creative with your hoop art makes.  

In each kit I have paired one of my statement embroidery hoops with a complimentary set of embroidery threads and mini collection of ribbons. Finally, the kit will include a wooden back for finishing in style. 

November Inspiration Kits

This Embroidery Hoop Art Inspiration Kit is embracing all things frosty. The November edit features a new festive, 'Adelajda' print. This print has fun Star design. The print features a galaxy of swirling blue stars.

Novembers 'Inspiration Kit' includes 3 beautiful blue DMC embroidery threads and a metallic silver complimentary thread.

Pick from 3 different hoop sizes.

What is included in a Happy Hoop Art, Inspiration Kit?

  • Every month, inspired by the season, I will select one of my decorative, Liberty Lawn covered embroidery hoops. You will have the choice of 3 different sizes. Simply Select the size that suits you best. You can choose either, 4 inch, 6 inch or 8 inch.
  • To compliment the months featured hoop I will pick out 4 beautiful DMC cotton thread colours for added stitchperation. These will not only perfectly match the fabric of the month but will be a fun way to growing your thread stash.  
  • If all that loveliness wasn’t enough to get your creativity flowing, I will be adding in a collection of complimentary ribbons and trims for you to use as you choose. 
  • Finally, each set will include one of my amazing wooden hoop backs and a textile glue with a finishing tutorial to help you get your chosen project up and on display in all its glory as fast as painlessly as possible. We can’t have our hoop butts letting the side down can we? Your back will now be as beautiful as your forward facing creations.

I can’t wait to see you’re hoop art creation. #stitchkitshoopsinaction 

Happy StitchingXx