Neon Yellow - Lime Pom Pom Trim

£3.80 GBP

This is a fun neon yellow Pom Pom trim. This bright pom pom is available in a choice of two sizes. Choose from either the mini pom pom with a 10 mm diameter (1 CM) or a slightly larger trim with a 15 mm pom pom diameter.

This vibrant yellow / green would make a pretty party garland or fun edition to your gift wrapping stash.

This trim is perfect for adding that extra special pop of colour to your modern, stitched makes. Add this as an edge to sewing projects such as adding the finishing touch to a toute bag or cushion edging.

This Trim is sold by the meter so you can purchase exactly what you need.

Order 5 Meters for a 5% discount or select 10 Meters for a 10% discount. (The price stated includes the discount)

Have fun Xxx