Deep Pink and Green, Fabric Covered Decorative Embroidery Hoops. Petal and Bud Print.

$9.91 USD

Tana Lawn covered embroidery hoop display frames in dark pink florals. 

This pretty classic, wild flower design features deep pinks and green corn flowers, and is a smaller version of the ditsy Liberty print, Poppy and Daisy. These cornfield wild flowers have the enduring charm of simpler times.

My high quality wooden embroidery hoops are hand wrap with beautiful Tana Lawn Cotton for a smooth professional finish.My fabric covered embroidery hoops can be either used as a working hoop or as a frame to create beautiful pieces of wall art.

As well as this Deep Pink, Petal and Bud is also available in a lighter Pinkand Blue. Poppy and Daisy is also available in Red and Teal, Vintage Pastels and Retro Orange.

Which size embroidery hoop should I choose?

My hoops are available from a mini 3 inch hoop right up to a large 12 inch embroidery hoop.  Simply select the hoop size appropriate to the size of your project and fabric you are stitching on. Hoops are measured across the diameter of the embroidery hoop, from the inner edge of the outer hoop. When framing embroidery wall art I like to leave around an inch between my stitching and the hoop. 

Framing embroidery hoop wall art?

MyEmbroidery hoops are a fantastically easy way to create your own wall art. Simply securing your work or decorative fabric of choice within the hoop and hanging with a ribbon of your choice. All my hoops come with an easy to follow framing tutorial.

Your hoops are hand made made to order, however I know many of you use my hoops to frame your gifts for special occasions so if you are on a deadline please let me know.  I will do my best to complete your order as fast as possible./p>

What does Liberty of London say about the Petal and Bud Design ?

'Our Petal and But print is a rescaled version of a liberty classic called Poppy and Daisy. The original design has been in and out of the Liberty Fabrics print collection since the early 1900s. An archetypal Liberty floral, our much-loved Poppy and Daisy print first appeared in our archive books around the late 1910s. A very crisp and fine outline surrounds the simplified delicate flowers, while the all-over composition is reminiscent of a wild blooming meadow.'

What is Liberty's of London, Tana Lawn Cotton?

Liberty’s of London is known for its connection to the Arts and Crafts movement and launched its fabric collection in the 1920s and soon became synonymous with quality. 

Liberty lawn is called “Tana” because it is made of an Egyptian cotton, which grows near Lake Tana in Ethiopia. This high quality cotton has an extra fine count giving a luxurious silky feel.

Tana Lawn has become known for its iconic mini floral's which lend themselfs beautifully to these pimped up hoops

My full collection of Tana Lawn covered embroidery hoops can be found here.

Happy Stitching Xx