DMC Thread Collection. Festive Jewel Colour Pallet.

$10.44 USD

Curated Colour Sets of 6 Christmas bright, DMC Embroidery Threads.

This curated collection of DMC stranded embroidery thread contains 6 colours and around 8 meters on each

My Festive Jewel collection features a set of soft vibrant inspired by the Liberty of London, Betsy Star, seasonal print. They are selected ready for you to be begin your very own embroidery masterpiece.

What Colours are in this vibrant Thread Collection?

E3821 - Light Effects Straw Gold

725 - Topaz

817 - Coral Red

910 - Emerald Green

518 - Wedgwood

310 -Black

1 John James needle

About DMC Stranded Treads

DMC Stranded Cotton is made in France but loved by creatives all around the world.They use the world's finest long staple cotton and mercerise it twice to give your embroidery exceptional sheen. The thread has  6 easily divisible strands allowing you to vary the weight of your stitches to add depth to your project. DMC has been developing award-winning fine threads and specialist yarns for makers like you since 1746.

Free Mini Floral and star  Cross Stitch chart.

My little Betsy Star cross stitch is stitched using these DMC colours. You can download the chart for free here.

You can purchase the corresponding Betsy Star hoops Here.