7 inch Elbesee Wooden Embroidery Hoops

$6.89 USD

18cm Beech Embroidery hoops made in the UK

These lovely quality, Medium sized, 7 inch wooden embroidery hoops made from a close grain Beech wood and are wax polished so that the radius edges are smooth and easy to work with. 

The hoop size is measured from the inner edge of the outer hoop.

Why do I need an embroidery hoop?

Embroidery hoops are an essential tool for any discerning stitcher and indispensable for all embroiderers and cross stitchers. Whether or not you are an experienced sticher a hoop makes your projects more comfortable and manageable to work on.

If you like your work to be extra secure these hoops have nice sturdy hardware with an extra an extra long screw that can be tightened with a screwdriver if necessary. 

How do I use an embroidery hoop?

Unscrew the metal fastener to secure your fabric lightly between the inner and the outer hoop until your fabric is taught. This will create an even tension making your embroidery and cross stitching easier to handle and neater.

Which size embroidery hoop do I need?

Select the hoop appropriate to the size of your project and fabric you are stitching on. Hoops are measured across the diameter of the embroidery hoop, from the inner edge of the outer hoop. 

Your hoop does not need to be bigger that your stitch area. Smaller hoops you can be moved around your fabric as you work. Selecting the right size for you is large about what size you find the most comfortable. 7 inch embroidery hoops re the size I find most comfortable.

Framing embroidery hoop wall art?

Embroidery hoops are a fantastically easy way to create your own wall art. by securing your work or decorative fabric of choice within the hoop and hanging with a ribbon. It couldn’t be easier or more on trend. You work will be ready to hang in no time.

How do I finish off the back of my embroidery hoop?

To help you to professionally finish off the back of your work I have designed my signature wooden backs, they ensure the back is as perfect every time. Find my wooded Hoop Butts here. 

Happy Hooping!